Welcome To Chris Draws

The first section of this slideshow depicts the creation of one of the artists works. Following that is a display of some typical samples of the artists creations.

Click on the link for the Gallery to see the different categories of artwork available.


Chris McLaughlin is an artist who specializes in the creation of artistic renderings of historical and architectural subjects. To date Chris has created over 1500 prints.

You can often find Chris at Atlanta's famous Varsity restaurant on North Avenue .

If you plan to visit The Varsity give hime a call ( 678-665-8129) to be sure he'll be there when visit.


On many weekends throughout the year Chris and his wife Gwen appear at Art Shows and Festivals around the Atlanta area the Carolinas and Florida.

If you plan to travel in those areas and would like to visit with them click on the link below to see their schedule of shows.

Show Schedule